Monday, February 16, 2015

First Children's Rosary in Wisconsin!

The first meeting of the Children's Rosary at St. Mary's Church in Pine Bluff was held on February 6th 2015.  This group has chosen to meet monthly on the first Friday.  The group leader, Kellie, shared with us a picture from the meeting. She was pleased to report that at least 20 children were able to attend.  Kellie is a home school mom and has been a very involved member of the Children's Rosary even before this first meeting.  Kellie and her family initially began unifying prayers on the 13th of the month with our Children's Rosary group that meets in Fenton, Missouri.  The later meeting time the group in Missouri had chosen worked out perfectly for Kellie to assemble her whole family to unify prayers with them. The children in Fenton also began praying in a special way for Kellie and her family as they discerned starting a group. 

In many ways this new group in Wisconsin represents the ripples of several children's Rosary groups meeting each other and coalescing to bring an even bigger effect.  It is so beautiful to see this happening more and more.  The blessings and effects from one group reaching that of another.  A ripple of good moving gently out in all directions and meeting the ripples created from other little groups in prayer.

As I would find out, Kellie initially became aware of the Children's Rosary from a mom in Pennsylvania who is a member of the Children's Rosary at St. Bernard's Church in Mount Lebanon. So in many ways we are seeing the fruits of our first Children's Rosary groups yielding more prayers and new Children's Rosary groups in new places.  How truly beautiful that Our Lady and Our Lord are using the children to be their evangelizers.

To read more about the first meeting of this new group please visit this LINK.
I also would encourage you to see pictures of Kellie's children making cards asking a radio station that broadcasts in Wisconsin to air the Children's Rosary. Link is HERE (scroll down a bit to see the artists at work). The children and cards are truly so precious. Here is a little preview....

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