Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Official Release of the Song Video for "Rosary Children"

It is with such excitement and joy that I share with you our song video for "Rosary Children". This is our theme song for the Children's Rosary prayer group movement. May we humbly ask that you please watch this video and share it.  There is so much hope present in this video.  It gives a glimpse into the children all around the world who participate in the Children's Rosary and the love and prayers that each day rise to Heaven.  Here is the LINK to our song and one can watch it directly below as well.

There is a second announcement which is that we have a Children's Rosary YouTube Channel so please consider subscribing to it as we hope to add more videos in the future.
Children's Rosary Official YouTube Channel

For those interested in purchasing a copy of this song we have it available on CD.  The version of Rosary Children sung by the children is included on our Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary CD. A male version of the song is included on our Sorrowful CD. 

In a special way I would like to thank all who helped to make this video possible.  For all those who prayed for us; all the children meeting all around the world.  This project could not have happened without each of those prayers.  In watching this know that you played a very important role in seeing it to completion.   

There are a few specific people I would like to thank: Fr. Lawrence Tucker SOLT for writing our theme song "Rosary Children" for us. Jim Morlino of Navis Pictures for both filming this footage and creating our video.  Norman Johnson of Manor Recording and all the musicians who helped including Jeff Batter and DJ Fortine. A special thank you to all the children who sang and were included in the video.

Most importantly I would like to thank God for hearing our prayers and with so much gentleness and love helping us each step of the way.  A special thank you to Our Blessed Mother for taking our hand and leading us when as children we certainly knew nothing of such musical undertakings.

As this song and video represent such a beautiful gift from Our Lord and His Mother in turn we wish only to take it into our hearts and then with love give it back to them.  As one, we give it with all our love to the Holy Trinity and Our Blessed Mother.  May it bring them joy and may beautiful fruits come form it throughout the world. Amen.

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