Friday, June 27, 2014

Teenagers...Yes You Can Help Too!

Two teenage girls from Immaculate Conception Church in North Delta, British Columbia Canada are taking the lead to help grow the Children's Rosary in their parish.  Romina and Elisha have designed an advertising campaign. With the help of some of the smaller children they will be making announcements after each of the weekend Masses this weekend to spread word of their monthly Children's Rosary which is held the first Sunday of each month at 3PM.  As they stand before all the parishioners at each of the 5 Masses they plan to invite all the children present to stand and share with them information about the Children's Rosary and personally invite them to the upcoming meeting. This effort to grow their group and their approach was completely their idea. They are so excited to share this prayer group with other children their excitement is infectious.  Hearing today about these two girls brought such a smile to my heart.  Such a wonderful story of hope. Young people are so dynamic it is truly inspiring to see them direct their efforts in service of Our Lord.

While the target age of the Children's Rosary is between 4-14, children at either end of the age range are always welcome if they have an interest. Older children can be wonderful mentors to the younger children and also be a wonderful help.

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