Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Words From the Children's Rosary

Recently we introduced a new weekly highlight on the Children's Rosary Blog: Words from the Children Wednesdays. As the Children's Rosary is a prayer movement composed of children and led by children we have begun to highlight some of the beautiful feedback we have been getting from the children from our different Children's Rosary groups.  

This week we are featuring a picture from a 9 year old member of the Children's Rosary from West Hartford, Connecticut USA.  As the month of November is dedicated to the Holy Souls it seemed a perfect time to highlight this drawing.  

What is particularly special about this drawing is this child's faith that a single child kneeling in prayer of the Rosary can help to bring a great many souls to heaven.  It is this simple and beautiful trust that surely must be so pleaseing to Our Lord who so loves these dear souls in purgatory and takes such pleasure in seeing a little one praying for them.

All of our Children's Rosary groups include in their petitions the souls in purgatory.  
A special thank you for all of the drawings and notes which have been submitted from the children. Please continue to send them in.  Thank you all and God Bless!

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