Wednesday, November 13, 2013

St Francis Xavier Cabrini

"We must pray without tiring, for salvation of mankind does not depend on material success nor on sciences that cloud the intellect. Neither does it depend on arms and human industries, but on Jesus alone". St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

St. Cabrini was the 13th child in her family.  She was originally from Italy but later moved to the United States.  She is the foundress of the order: Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She established many schools, orphanages and hospitals.  She worked particularly with the Italian immigrants to the United States.  She was fond of saying, "We will have eternity to rest. Do what you can with an upright heart, and the Lord will do the rest."

On this beautiful day in which we honor St. Cabrini, November 13th, may we turn our hearts to prayer.
Please consider joining our Children's Rosary which will meet this evening at St. Paul Church in Fenton, Missouri at 7PM Central Time.  The children always pray for those who unify prayers with them. 

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