Friday, November 22, 2013

33 Day Consecration to Jesus Through Mary


May we the Children's Rosary humbly invite you to participate in a 33 Day Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.  Our Children’s Rosary groups are Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary at their first meeting but this would be a way to beautifully place our individual families under the protection of Our Blessed Mother who always leads us on the straightest path to her son.  For those of you unfamiliar with Consecration to Jesus through Mary it has been blessed and supported by Cardinal Justin Rigali, Bishops and Pope Benedict XVI. Blessed John Paul II urged Catholics to make this Act of Entrustment, which involves ten minutes of private prayer daily, for 33 days, in your home.  Many may be familiar with Totus Tuus which was John Paul’s papal motto. It is a Latin phrase meaning "totally yours" and expressed his personal Consecration to Jesus through Mary.
We would like to use the 33 days to Morning Glory written by Fr. Gaitley to guide our Consecration.    The book has daily reflections with a short prayer.  The first week contains reflections from writings of St. Louis de Montfort.  The second week has excerpts from St. Maximilian Kolbe; the third Bl. Mother Teresa and the fourth Bl. John Paul II.  It spends more time in reflection and less on vocal prayers of litanies.  From all that I have seen it has been well received by many folks and is especially appropriate for children which seemed perfectly suited for our needs.  While I am recommending we use the 33 Days to Morning Glory, if you would prefer using a different format this would be fine.  I myself used the traditional St. Louis de Montfort Consecration prayers but look forward to this more contemplative approach.

The 33 Day Consecration prayers traditionally precede a Marian Feast and the Feast that we will be saying our Consecration on is January 1st - the Feast of Mary Mother of God.  Therefore we will begin our prayers on November 29thThis date is relatively close so this requires immediate action to participate.

Outline of the Plan:
Number 1: request a Consecration book 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Gaitley
(books are available free through the website IMPORTANT: As we do not have much time until the start date of the 33 days of prayer beginning Nov 29th, the individual in charge of the site Ray Moody has offered to personally handle book requests from members of the Children’s Rosary and those wanting to join us in the Consecration. Please email him directly at Please include your mailing address in your note and how many books you need.  Up to 10 books are free with free shipping.  PLEASE PUT CHILDREN’S ROSARY IN THE SUBJECT HEADING OF YOUR EMAIL TO HIM.  If you would like to make a free-will donation this could be made out to Children of the Father Foundation and mailed to Ray Mooney at 29-34 155th Street, Flushing, NY 11354.

Number 2: Once receiving the book have a general read through the introduction.

Number 3: On Nov 29th begin the first day of prayers and reflections which takes about 10 minutes. Each day is clearly marked in the book.

Number 4: January 1st: Consecration Prayers.

Any questions about the Consecration please contact me. If you have already made a Total Consecration preceding another Marian Feast you could still participate in this Consecration.  Please let me know if you are planning to join in (my email address is Thank you so much!  

Please feel free to share this amongst your friends as we would like to have a large unified body making the Consecration.

For those of you outside of the US or Canada who are interested in participating please contact me directly at

Thank you all!

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