Monday, November 18, 2013

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

This portrait of Mother Duchesne was reportedly done by an Ursuline nun in New Orleans
 and said to most closely resemble what she really looked like

Favorite Quotes of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne:

You may dazzle the mind with a thousand brilliant discoveries of natural science; you may open new worlds of knowledge which were never dreamed of before; yet, if you have not developed in the soul of the pupil strong habits of virtue which will sustain her in the struggle of life, you have not educated her, but only put in her hand a powerful instrument of self-destruction.
We may not understand His Will for us in time, but in eternity the veil will be drawn and we shall see that He acted only for our happiness.
I love my solitude, and I would love it still more if I had more of it.
God alone and the desire of His glory - nothing else matters.
Humility is the virtue that requires the greatest amount of effort.
Lord, I lean on You alone for strength. Give me your arm to support me, your shoulders to carry me, your breast on which to lay my head, your Cross to uphold me, your Eucharist to nourish me. On you Lord, I shall sleep and rest in peace.
Quotes On Suffering 
Let us bear our cross and leave it to God to determine the length and the weight.
Never forget that the road to Heaven is the Way of the Cross. Jesus has called us to follow Him, bearing the Cross as He did.
He will never let the trial surpass the strength He gives you, and at the very moment you think yourself overwhelmed by sorrow, He will lift you up and give you peace.
St Philippine Duchesne was a religious sister born in Grenoble France.  She was born in 1769 and lived until November 18th 1852. She spent a good deal of her life in Midwestern United States and brought the Society of the Sacred heart to America. The first Sacred Heart house built outside France was one she founded in a log cabin in St. Louis Missouri. St. Philippine also worked with the Native Americans and they were fond of calling her Quahkahkanumad, which means “women who prayers always.”  St. Philippine spent her last 10 years mostly in prayer in humble accommodations and passed away on Nov 18th 1852,
She was canonized by Pope John Paul II on July 3rd 1988.
As a student of the Society of the Sacred Heart in middle school and high school I grew up hearing about St. Philippine.  Today as we have two Children’s Rosary groups meeting one in a school there is a wonderful joy and hope that St. Philippine will intercede for the Children’s Rosary and help our children as they grow in faith. Thank you St. Philippine.
Please consider joining the Children in prayer of the Rosary today.  The Children’s Rosary at Trinity Academy in Shenandoah Pennsylvania will meet at 12:20PM EST today and a second Children’s Rosary will meet in Mahopac, New York at 4:30 at St. John the Evangelist parish.  Please consider joining the children in prayer.  They always pray for those unifying prayers with them.

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