Friday, June 7, 2013

On World Day of Prayer for Priests Pope Francis Answers Questions about His Own Vocation

The Holy Father Pope Francis met with Italian and Albanian children and teenagers today.  The children and teachers were invited to ask the Holy Father questions.  One child asked why the Holy Father chose to be a Jesuit and whether it was difficult to leave his family and friends behind.

Pope Francis responded that he wanted to be a Jesuit because he wanted to be a missionary and was attracted by the religious orders missionary zeal and activity.
The Pope went on to say, “Listen, it’s always difficult. Always. For me it has been difficult, it is not easy. But there are also beautiful times. Jesus helps you and gives you joy. But there are difficult moments, where you feel alone you feel dry, without inner joy. There are bad moments, of inner darkness. They do exist, but it’s so beautiful to follow Jesus and His path. It’s a balance that allows you to go forward and that’s when the beautiful moments come."

On this Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I invite all reading this to say a quiet prayer in their hearts for all our priests and seminarians that they may grow in holiness and sanctity protected always by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  

Thank you all!

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