Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lourdes Devasted by Flooding

Devastation in Lourdes June 20, 2013
This week southwest France experienced severe flooding.  Lourdes was not spared with the Pau River bursting its banks.  The underground basilica was filled with dirty water and now is covered in mud as the river recedes.  A member of the Children's Rosary, who has traveled to Lourdes with her disabled daughter, forwarded me this raw footage of Lourdes taken today.  The title is in French but the video is not.  
footage of devastation in Lourdes

Lourdes June 20th 2013
It is so sad to see the beautiful waters of Lourdes covered in thick dirty mud and even the bags of unconsecrated hosts moldy.  

 A recent rise in temperatures in the Pyrenees after a prolonged cold spell that kept snow on the ground much later than normal is to blame for the devastating flooding.

May I humbly ask those reading this to say a Hail Mary for the people of Lourdes that they may be aided by Our Lady as they rebuild. 

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