Sunday, January 6, 2013

What Am I Doing for Jesus?

This was the question that the priest celebrating the Saturday vigil Mass yesterday kept asking during his homily.  As yesterday was the 12th day of Christmas and Epiphany is celebrated today our thoughts are on the 3 Magi. After a long journey they found themselves before the crib of the baby Jesus.  They knelt before Him and presented Him with their greatest treasures.

As Christians, we are all on a journey to find Jesus.  The Magi had a star to guide them but we have something greater.  Jesus gave us his Mother to guide us to Him.  She points us on the surest and straightest path to her Son and when we reach Him she has us ready with arms full of gifts.  What gifts has she prepared us to give on the 12th day of Christmas, the day of the 3 Magi?  She has us bringing our most precious treasures to the Lord: our children.  What gifts do our children hold before the crib of Jesus? They hold arms full of prayers..prayers of the Holy Rosary.  Through the prayers of the joyful mysteries of the rosary we are brought to contemplate the wonder and majesty of the birth of Our Lord in Bethlehem.  A contemplation which brings with it a fruit of desiring things from above and not things of this world often referred to as poverty of spirit. The Children's Rosary had three groups meeting yesterday with many members joining them in prayer from their homes across the globe.  These three groups knelt just as the three Magi did over two thousand years ago.  
Hands full of prayers
 at the Children's Rosary yesterday

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