Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Do whatever He tells you."

This was taken from the Gospel reading last Sunday, January 20th.  It so beautifully sums up Our Lady.  She wants none of the attention and is always directing us to following her Son.

Our Blessed Mother rarely speaks in Holy Scripture which is in itself a profound message of humility.  Her last recorded words in the Gospels come at the Wedding Feast at Cana.  She has just told Jesus "They have no wine."(John 2:3)  Jesus responds "O woman, what have you to do with Me? My hour has not yet come."(John 2:4)  Then Our Lady's last recorded words... "Do whatever He tells you."(John 2:5)

Spending time with these words and the event which is represented in the Second Luminous Mystery of the Holy Rosary, one can contemplate why Our Lady chooses a wedding celebration as the first time she will ask her Son for such a favor.  Could Our Lady be speaking to us all through her actions?  Do her efforts to save the joy and celebration of this new marriage speak to the importance she places on the family and the efforts she will go to interceding before her Son to protect it and nurture it?

Our Lady is such a wonderful intercessor for us.  Our Lord's response to her request gives us confidence that when we come to her and ask her help our intentions will be warmly received by her Son.

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