Thursday, June 28, 2018

More rosaries going out...this time to Texas

Yesterday we sent out another box of Children's Rosary materials. Fifty English Children's Rosary books, 10 Spanish books, 300 Children's Rosary bookmarks, 54 Join in Prayer cards, 20 Children's Rosary stickers and 170 Rosaries went out to one of our Children's Rosary groups in Texas. This group at St. William the Confessor Parish in Greenville meets today at 2PM CT. They held their first meeting on February 13th 2017 and now meet three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2PM CT). The group leader reported that the children hold their meetings at the Church kneeling before the Tabernacle.  You will see their twinkling blue light flashing on our View from Heaven map shortly. Please consider joining them in prayer and adding your gold twinkling light to the View from Heaven map. You can do this by visiting our site: and clicking the button "Join in Prayer". This will add a gold twinkling light for 30 minutes to the map. We will be praying unifying with the children today at 2PM CT. We hope to see your light, too.

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