Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Sea of Daisies

Looking at this sea of daisies, one could think of the many pure souls of children who pray in Children's Rosary prayer groups throughout the world. They are beautiful on their own but when you put them together: breathtaking!

Recently we had an opportunity to try our hand at writing poetry...haiku to be specific. This is a Japanese form of poetry that is short, containing only three verses. The first verse has 5 syllables, the second  7 and the last 5. 
These haiku poems shown below were written by two different members of the Children's Rosary. 

The Children's Rosary was the inspiration for both:

We are kids praying
from each corner of the globe.
Many, yet one voice

Children in Christ's Heart
Praying together as one
Fill the earth with love.

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