Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Children's Rosary at St. Peter's Church in Bamunanika, Uganda

We have received some pictures this week from the Children's Rosary at St. Peter outstation in Bamunanika, Uganda. This is an outstation of the Parish: Mary Mother of the Good Shepherd. The children held their first meeting on January 7th 2018. They meet weekly on Sundays at 10:15 AM local time. On Trinity Sunday, members of the Children's Rosary assisted with the Sunday Mass at their Church. Fr. Tadeo explained that the children sang, and took the readings for the Mass both in English and in Luganda. 
The two pictures directly below are of the children singing.

During the offertory each of the children brought a flower to Our Lady. 
This was a tremendous blessing for the children to have such an active role in Mass. As Our Blessed Mother always leads souls to her Son, it is a beautiful witness of the fruits of the Rosary and devotion to Our Lady that the children are developing a greater love of the Holy Mass. 

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