Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Masses of Thanksgiving

On Easter we began a 9 day novena of Masses for the fulfillment of Our Lady's plans for the Children's Rosary. As the children and I looked around our home all nature seemed ready to burst forth. Buds were just waiting to open and yet they were not. We shared the picture below which was taken on Easter. 

We could imagine as we looked at the forsythia buds that in a similar way Our Lady's plans were just waiting to unfold. On the second day of the novena a layer of snow covered all the bushes in our yard. In a special way, the layer of crystal white snow seemed a special blessing. The buds still tightly shut were each capped with a delicate cover of snow.
The warm sun came out and the snow quickly melted. Many of the days of the novena snow was seen falling. Sometimes just a brief snow flurry in the morning other days much more snow. On April 9th, the last of the Masses were said for the fulfillment of Our Lady's plans for the Children's Rosary. In total 3 Masses were said daily for 9 days totally 27 Masses. On April 10th the 7 year anniversary of the Children's Rosary more snow fell. These pictures were taken on the anniversary (see below):

The buds that at the beginning of the novena had been all closed now had opened. Each flower was washed with snow and clear water dripped from the petals. We marveled to see nature and how it seemed to so beautifully reflect how we hoped to help Our Lady unfold Her plans. Toward the end of the day my husband came home from work. He shared that during his drive home a rainbow had come across the sky. He had snapped a picture but as in many cases with pictures it did not capture the full majesty of the moment. 

One might wonder what has happened? Masses were offered but what has resulted. What was Our Lady able to purchase with those Masses? What has unfolded? The answer is simply: Trust. We are little children. Our Heavenly Mother sees so much and our role as children is not to question but simply to give the little we have to Our Lady and do it with love. She is working to be sure. On Divine Mercy Sunday on the ground before the Blessed Sacrament several pictures were put out by the priest overseeing the event. The pictures were created with broken glass. There was a picture of Our Lord on the sea. In the distance was a boat with the apostles inside. As I looked at this scene my heart was drawn in. One word kept coming into my heart: Trust. We are surely on a boat at sea. Our Lady is close at hand but out on the water is her Son. Our Lady in Her gentleness reassures us that we are headed in the right direction. She guides our gaze to our sole focus which is Jesus. It is His pleasure we seek. The Masses and prayers are not to bring us satisfaction at what is attained but rather to bring joy to Jesus through the work of Our Lady. 

Indeed, Our Lady helps us to not lose focus and to stay perfectly on course. Her plans are always perfectly aligned to the plans of God. 

Beginning on April 10th we began a second novena of Masses. These were Masses offered in thanksgiving. Three Masses daily will be celebrated through April 18th. In total 27 Masses will be celebrated in thanksgiving. The total number of Masses between the two novenas is 54. Our role now is to thank God for His generosity in helping to further Our Lady's plans. We trust God has granted great gifts to Our Blessed Mother. As trusting children now we simply thank Him.

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