Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Upcoming Airings of the Children's Rosary on EWTN for April, May and June 2018

Airings can be viewed on EWTN Global Catholic Network and LIVE streaming from anywhere in the world. All air times are given in Eastern Time.  A copy of our Children's Rosary video, including all four mysteries of the Rosary and bonus features, is  available to purchase through EWTN HERE.

April 12th 10:30 AM Europe
April 12th 4PM US and Canada
April 15th 5AM Africa
April 16th 10:30 AM Europe
April 20th 4PM US and Canada
April 22 5AM Africa
April 23rd 4PM US and Canada 
April 24th 10:30 AM Europe
April 29th 5AM Africa
May 1st 4PM US and Canada
May 2nd 10:30 AM Europe
May 6th 5AM Africa
May 6th 5PM Pacific Rim
May 7th 5PM Pacific Rim
May 8th 4PM US and Canada
May 8th 5PM Pacific Rim
May 9th 5PM Pacific Rim
May 10th 10:30 AM Europe
May 10th 5PM Pacific Rim
May 13th 5PM Pacific Rim
May 14th 10:30 AM Europe
May 14th 5PM Pacific Rim
May 15th 5PM Pacific Rim 
May 16th 10:30 AM Europe
May 16th 4PM US and Canada
May 16th 5PM Pacific Rim
May 17th Pacific Rim 5PM
May 20 5PM Pacific Rim
May 21 5PM Pacific Rim
May 22nd 10:30 AM Europe
May 22 5PM Pacific Rim
May 23rd 5PM Pacific Rim
May 24th 4PM US and Canada
May 25th 10:30 AM Europe
May 24th 5PM Pacific Rim
May 27th 5AM Africa

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Don't forget to unify prayers with the children during their meetings. A schedule of meetings is present on our website. By clicking "Join in Prayer" you can add your gold flashing light to our View from Heaven map.

For more information about the Children's Rosary visit our website:
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