Monday, April 30, 2018

Child Saint, Dominic Savio and his Practices in May

Today in reading the life of St. Dominic Savio written by St. John Bosco there was a chapter on St. Dominic's special devotion to Mary and his practices during the month of May. St. Dominic had a deep love of Our Lady. St. John Bosco describes the boys's love, "His devotion to Our Blessed Lady was like a burning fire within him."   Dominic is said to have "placed his own purity of soul in the keeping of that Immaculate Virgin." In reading the Chapter, the child saint provides some wonderful ideas for May.

St. Dominic went to daily Mass during May. Daily reception of the Sacraments was unusual in his time yet St. Dominic went daily to Mass.

He also erected a little altar in the dormitory in honor of Mary. The boys had no pocket money for creating such an altar. The book recounts how St. Dominic devised a plan. He had several books of some value that he had received as prizes. These he sold and with the money helped purchase special decorations for the altar. Several other boys also had some small items of value and they sold them to contribute to the altar for Mary. In reading this account, it seemed a beautiful idea to create a special home altar for Mary in May. 

Today the children and I purchased fresh roses to place before Our Lady. We also placed a candle before Her. We hope to keep fresh flowers by Our Lady throughout the month. We invite others to make a special space especially for Mary in their homes. The idea is from little Dominic Savio who had a great love for Our Lady. He died at the young age of 14. We hope to share more about St. Dominic Savio this month. His Feast day is May 6th!

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