Saturday, September 30, 2017

Help Illuminate the World in Prayer

We are looking for 48 people or families to help us.  On our website we have something called a View from Heaven. This is how we imagine the world looks when Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother look down on the world. Instead of lights of homes and cars they see the lights of prayers. Throughout the day Children's Rosary groups meet and those show up as blue flashing lights. The children invite others to unify prayers with them. By clicking the "join in prayer" button the person adds their gold flashing light to the View from Heaven map. 

The Children's Rosary has a very special video release planned for October.  We hope to release this video on October 7th but we need your help. Before we release the special new video we would like to have a person or family signed up for each half hour of the day to hit "join in prayer" and add their light to the map. As there are 24 hours in a day with a slot every 30 minutes we need 48 people. 

This involves going to our site or and hitting "join in prayer". In this way when others come to the site they will not find it dark. When it is lit there is an invitation to others to unify prayers. In this way Our Lady and Our Lord can keep reaching souls. When we have all slots filled we will be ready to release a new video we are working on. Our Lady and Our Lord illuminated the sky 100 years ago in Fatima we hope to illuminate it now for them with prayer.  

Before you hit the "join in prayer" we ask that you say in your heart, Lord I would like to unify prayers with the members of the Children's Rosary praying. By also hitting the button "join in prayer"  one joins those visible on the map plus by saying that little prayer they join those unifying that do not have access to a computer who are part of the Children's Rosary and are praying.

While people can come and hit "join in prayer" any time we are looking for 48 people who can commit each day to a half hour of time in prayer and reliably hit the "join in prayer" button. They will be the core group who never let the light go out.

Often we look for signs in our world but this invitation is to "be the sign". Through your light you have the ability to invite others to pray throughout the world. Imagine what Our Lord and Our Lady can do with your "yes". Don't miss out in being apart of this incredible gift to Our Lady at such a pivotal time. If you are ready to sign up please email Blythe at
Please indicate what time slot you would like to sign up for and your location so we know your time zone. Thank you very much!!!

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