Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Procession for Our Lady

On September 13th 2017 the Children's Rosary at Bac Hoa Orphanage in Vietnam planned something special for Our Lady. Tran relates:

"On September 13, we went to pray at Bac Hoa Orphanage. All of us pray from 7-9PM. That day we prayed the rosary, sang the hymn, and there was a procession of statues of Mary around the monastery. The children and sisters holding candles. They sang Ave Maria together. We have just gone to pray the rosary. The children and sisters feel very happy to be attending."
This orphanage is run by religious Sisters. Their first Children's Rosary meeting at the orphanage was September 4th 2016.
They have met as a Children's Rosary for one year each night at 7PM local time. If ever you wondered the fruits of such prayer look at these faces. 
They come ready to pray...ready to sing in honor of their Heavenly Mother...they come ready to do something special out of love. They bring joy and even a seriousness in some cases for they know what they do is important. It is a gift to Our Lord and His Mother. One thing I have marveled at many times is the care that is put into each thing these children do in Vietnam. All the groups that meet in Vietnam are in orphanages. Thus one could say these children have very little. Yet they find a way to create beauty. They give Our Lady flowers, they set up candles under the supervision of the nuns. They do drawings. They make flowers and lanterns out of paper. Their creativity is incredible. But at the heart of all this is love. It is unmistakable. Even the wooden platform Our Lady stands on was handmade by the young people that help with this group. Our Lady is lifted up and surrounded by fresh flowers. Yes, indeed the children prepared a procession fit for a Queen.

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