Friday, August 18, 2017

A Child Makes a Request that Seems Impossible, but Is It?

In June we received a note from a 14 year old boy from the Philippines. I will call him "Courageous" for privacy reasons. He wrote "I'm from the Philippines I like your Prayer movement because this way the Children, through the Rosary can reach God." He was interested in starting a Children's Rosary in his parish and let us know that he would be asking permission from his pastor.

He received permission to begin a Children's Rosary from the Pastor at St. Joseph the Worker Parish. Preparation began and Rosaries were sent to him along with some Children's Rosary books. The materials arrived in record time. Praise God!  

Courageous wrote to us "Thank you for your generous help for me, I prayed for you and the Children's Rosary groups everyday".

He also had a request for 400 Children's Rosary books, 10,000 Rosaries, a Joyful and Sorrowful Children's Rosary CD, a Children's Rosary DVD, 2 read aloud Children's Bibles, 900 Children's Rosary bookmarks and bumper stickers.

The sheer number of Rosaries he asked for left me wondering how many children were there in his group?

Courageous would explain that these were not all intended for the group in his parish. But rather he hoped for others to use them in his city who could begin Children's Rosary groups in their parishes. These were not all meant for him, but many.  Some of what he requested seemed possible to fulfill but the Rosaries and the 400 Children's Rosary books would be more difficult. But what I have learned through the Children's Rosary is not to underestimate what  a child can do or what God can do through a child. Tran in Vietnam taught me this. Children have a wonderful innocence in their hearts to see all that is possible. It does not occur to them that such things: as spreading a prayer group movement for children throughout one's city would be too difficult. Instead it seems wonderful!  This excitement is just what we need. There is no need to give lessons in the possible or reasonable but rather take a lesson from the children and remain open to what God can do. 

The materials we send all come through Divine Providence. So the scale of what we have to offer is not dictated by us. We send what we receive. So in this way the sky is the limit. In the school of Our Lady I have learned not to dismiss any request as too much. Anything is possible with God. I have also learned that God works through people. Rarely does money or Rosaries fall from the sky. But in a way it does because through the hands of many we have received so many beautiful handmade Rosaries.  Some have come from people we have never met but through some means heard of the Children's Rosary and wanted to help. Maybe you are just that person who makes Rosaries or knows someone who makes rosaries and is willing to send them where they are needed. Or maybe you are a person who is able to make a donation to help us send Rosaries that are donated.  The need is great. But that is part of the good news of this post. The fact that we have many priests and individuals waiting for materials to begin groups is actually incredibly hopeful. So in the face of much bad news in the world there is good news. The children are helping to bring a bright light of hope. They have dreams to see many more children like themselves praying. My hope is that we can keep saying yes to each request. The requests are coming from many places such as the United States,  Australia, Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico, Uganda, Venezuela, Pakistan, Vietnam to name just a few locations.

Information on how to help HERE.

The pictures included in this post were sent from Courageous. This is the outpost of St. Joseph the Worker where he plans to begin his Children's Rosary on September 2, 2017. This outpost is a Chapel named after Our Lady of Lourdes. Courageous told us that the children will meet in the Chapel for the Children's Rosary. Five flowers will be given, one at the end of each decade to Our Lady. Then all the children will go outside to the garden to give Our Lady more flowers (the garden is pictured above). 

The pictures Courageous sent are very interesting. They look as if they were taken through a thick bottle...almost as if one was looking through a small port hole in a ship and the view outside has some distortion. There is a sense that what one is seeing is a far off place....a glimpse to something very beautiful. 

Indeed it is beauty that we are seeing. We are seeing a young soul hoping, praying, wishing to help other children like himself come together in prayer. Yes 10,000 rosaries is a lot. But is it impossible?

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