Friday, August 4, 2017

St. Jean Marie Vianney Pray For Us

Today is the Feast of St. Jean Marie Vianney.  Last year the children and I read  the Curé d'Ars together. As we read it we fell in love with this humble saint. Catherine Lassagne a close friend of his described him, "M. le Cure was so small, so utterly nothing in his own eyes that the Holy Ghost loved to fill with a wonderful abundance of lights the void thus made by his selflessness."

It was said of this Saint that he always seemed to have but one thing to do, the duty of the present moment. Yet St. Jean Vianney was able to continually lift his heart to Our Lord even while fulfilling his duties.  He had a way of weaving prayer throughout his day.
"Prayer is a fragrant dew. The more we pray, the more we love to pray." -St. Jean Vianney

The picture above is of a pond. The water almost a mirror of that which is above. St. Vianney seemed to be such a polished mirror reflecting Our Lord.  Many drew to him to catch a glimpse of such holiness. He thought very little of himself despite such attention. Some would grab at his clothes as he would walk to the Church, they hoped to get a piece of cloth to keep as a relic for they felt that he was a living saint. Indeed they were right about his sanctity. But he would tell them to make their own relics. This is also the beauty of St. Jean Vianney. He kept challenging those around him to progress in become saints themselves. Today on his feast we ask for his help. St. Jean Marie Vianney pray for us!

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