Friday, February 24, 2017

A Trip to South Sudan

We are happy to share some good news. There is a lovely family that has been part of the Children's Rosary in West Hartford, Connecticut USA.  Several of their children have attended Children's Rosary meetings. Their father, Dut Tong is from South Sudan. In March he will be returning to his village of Akoch Atong. He expressed an interest in introducing the Children's Rosary to the children of his village.

There are many children there so we prepared several large boxes of materials for him to bring. They include 675 Rosaries, 75 Children's Rosary books, 2 Children's Rosary CDs, and 50 Children's Rosary bookmarks. 

Dut has asked for our prayers for his trip. I humbly ask that we pray for him that he may have a safe and fruitful trip. Please pray that his efforts to begin a Children's Rosary in his village will be realized. Thank you all. The pictures included in this post are from Dut's village of Akoch Atong in South Sudan.

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