Saturday, December 17, 2016

Have You Ever Seen a Nativity in Pakistan? The Children Share Theirs with You.

There have been so many beautiful pictures coming from the different Children's Rosary groups throughout small villages in Pakistan. We were surprised this week to see the children had built little Nativity scenes in their villages.  
Each one was remarkably different.

The children want to make it a very special Christmas. They have such beautiful creativity in what they do using their local fruit trees to create a scene that is probably very authentic to the real manger scene.

The children take such care in what they do...trying to make a special place for the Baby Jesus. In this way, also they can have a special place to come and pray in preparation for Christmas.  This week there will be more pictures to share.  

I see these pictures as the fruits of the Rosary. This is what prayer will do in the hearts of children.  They will prepare a place for Our Lord both in their villages but also in their hearts.

Many of these Children's Rosary groups in Pakistan will have meetings over the next 24 hours. See the Children's Rosary website for a schedule so you can unify prayers with them. The children have been asked to pray for all those unifying prayers with them.  While a group is meeting you will see a blue light flashing on our View from Heaven map. The first of the groups meeting will begin tonight at 8PM ET. You can hit the "join in prayer" button and also become a gold light on the map.

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