Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mass of Thanksgiving

Children's Rosary held at Sacred Heart Church on October 7th 2015
A Mass of thanksgiving was offered on October 7th through the Capuchin Missions.  In a special way on the beautiful Feast of the Holy Rosary, we wanted to thank God and Our Blessed Mother for the tremendous graces that have been given to the Children's Rosary and our members.  

Each year on the Feast of the Holy Rosary it seems that there are always beautiful gifts given to the Children's Rosary.  Often these gifts are a surprise. This year was no exception.

Several months ago I received word from a member of our Children's Rosary that a chance visit to a church in Connecticut USA had yielded some unexpected blessings.  The member who was visiting CT from Florida was looking for a Mass on a Sunday evening and found Sacred Heart in East Berlin, CT had such a Mass.  After Mass, she picked up a bulletin and noticed an announcement about a Children's Rosary group meeting.  This got her attention.  Then in talking to the pastor a wonderful opportunity seemed to unfold which included arranging for the traveling United Nations Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima to come to the parish.  The pastor suggested the visit be held on October 7th and also recommended that the Children's Rosary hold a Rosary before Our Blessed Mother when she was visiting.  Indeed all were astonished how all the pieces seemed to fall into place for the event.  Not only was the United Nations Pilgrim Statue of Our  Lady of Fatima coming but also first class relics of Bl Francisco and Bl Jacinta, two of the children from Fatima.  

The Event unfolded beautifully.  Members of four Children's Rosary groups were able to attend.  The children gathered kneeling before Our Blessed mother and placed roses at her feet at the conclusion of each decade.  In total 13 children were present for the evening. At the conclusion of the Children's Rosary the children sang our theme song Rosary Children.  We had an extra special gift as Jeff Batter was present who helped in recording this song.  He both played the piano and accompanied the children as they sang.  

The evening was concluded with Benediction and then veneration of the relics.  It was a very special evening.  Upon returning home there was an email waiting.  More good news.  The Children's Rosary DVDs were finally completed and being shipped out to EWTN Religious Catalogue.  Several unexpected delays had resulted in a most glorious completion date of October 7th: the Feast of the Holy Rosary.  While the DVDs are still in transit to EWTN we hope to notify you all very soon as to the release date of these DVDs.

Indeed there is so much to be grateful for and the Mass in thanksgiving was a small gift back to God and Our Blessed Mother on behalf of the Children's Rosary.

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