Monday, October 19, 2015

Fast From Resentment & Bitterness

Day four of our fast comes to a close.  Yesterday at Mass a lovely women approached my son and I.  Although she had never met us, she wanted to give us a gift. She took out a little box with different blocks inside.  She asked us to pick one of the blocks.  Seeing the word fasting I reached for a block.  Upon closer inspection I could see each side had a different message about fasting.  

One of the sides of the block read:

Fast from Resentment and Bitterness.  Work on forgiving the people who have hurt you. 

I thought this little block was a beautiful gift and an invitation from the Lord to go deeper with our fasting.  Indeed this was a fasting invitation that  both adults and children could participate.  As we still have 5 more days of our fast I encourage many to take this little invitation from Our Lord.  He is calling us to go deeper with our fast.  

It is never to late to join us.  To learn more about the 9 days of prayer and fasting click HERE.

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