Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Today is day six of our nine days of Prayer and Fasting.  There has been such beauty these days.  As we continue giving Our Lord sacrifices and prayers He shows us beauty as well.  
On Sunday something very special happened during Mass at San Fernando Cathedral.  A homeless man came in during Mass and went to a statue of Our Blessed Mother.  He placed before her two small plants.  They looked pretty sad but it was clear this was all he had.  The man had several bags that seemed to contain all his possessions.  He sat across from me during the remainder of the Mass and made great effort to get to his knees.  It was very moving to be praying with him.  After Mass we spoke and I asked him where he got the plants.  He looked off and with a smile said, "they were blessings".  In looking at the two small plants by all earthly measures they paled in comparison to a wedding bouquet that was present above them.  Yet I felt those plants were the most beautiful plants that Our Lady could receive.  The man had carried them from somewhere.  I can imagine with all his bags it must have been such a struggle to keep them safe.  I suspect the plants might actually have been given to him as a gift which he now was giving to Our Lady.  

To catch a glimpse of such a gift brought a smile to my heart and a joy to see a soul so in love with Our Blessed Mother.  This little window into the tender gift of one soul to Our Lord and His Mother was also an invitation to use this time of fasting to share that which might have been spent on myself on another.  Indeed Our Lord has been so good to open so many doors this week to deeper and deeper fasting.  

The gift of this small block by a stranger this week has also been a way to contemplate the many different ways we can extend our fasting.  While many may be fasting on bread and water, Our Lord seemed to be showing us many ways of fasting not all of them involving food.  In this way, even the children can participate and show Our Lord their love through finding that which they can spare for themselves, and sharing it with those that have less.

Please consider joining us for the remaining three days of the fast if you are not already participating.  Each sacrifice given to Our Lord with love has immense merit.  This international week of prayer and fasting was something Pope John Paul II supported and blessed during his Papacy.  As tomorrow is his Feast it is very special that we are participating in something so close to his heart.  For more information about this week of prayer and fasting click HERE.

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