Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thy Kingdom Come

Recently we shared the good news of our first Children's Rosary group in Pakistan.   This new group initially was meeting weekly but during their summer three month holiday decided to meet daily both in the morning and evening.  The group leader shared that day by day the group was growing and they were in need of more supplies.  Along with more Rosaries there was a surprise in store for this new group.  It was a statue of Our Blessed Mother.  Upon receiving the box the group brought it to the Church and prayed before opening it.  Seeing Our Lady and the sea of Rosaries around her, the group had the wonderful inspiration to travel to another village and help begin a second Children's Rosary group.  Thus on July 12th 2015 a new Children's Rosary group was Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary at St. Joseph Church in Ashrif Town Pakistan. This group decided to meet daily.  In prayer the children felt called to not only pray in the Church but to go to the home of a family who was experiencing illness.  The family was frightened.  The group went to this home and prayed with the family...filling the home to its capacity.  The children knelt and with Rosaries in hand prayed together.  One can imagine the surprise of this family to find so many children on their knees praying with them.  The group leader shared that the children brought a deep consolation and joy to this family.  The children also shared their rosaries with the family.

The family was so grateful to receive the Rosaries and expressed great thanks.  This week in Mass there have been several readings about the Kingdom of Heaven.  In one of the Gospels it is compared to a mustard seed that being one of the smallest seeds that once planted it can grow to one of the biggest trees where birds find rest in its branches (cf. Mathew 13:31-32). Seeing these little children in prayer one begins to see a glimpse of the Kingdom.  Indeed from something so small a great many lonely and worried hearts can take comfort and rest in their shade.  Indeed the children are helping to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to us right here.  Their love, simplicity and gentleness explains a great deal of what what Our Lord has planned for us.  The words we repeat over and over in the Rosary come to mind "Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven."

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