Friday, July 17, 2015

Our Blessed Mother Surprises the Children

Our Lady before her journey
Beginning in June the Children's Rosary from St. Joseph Church in Butanpura, Pakistan began meeting twice a day: morning and evening.   As the children were off from school for summer holiday until the end of August they decided to begin and end their day in prayer together.  The group leader shared that day by day more children were coming and they were in need of additional rosaries.  

Our Lady going to the post office
The following day, in thinking about these beautiful children praying so hard each morning and evening, a little thought came.  What if we sent a statue of Our Lady to the children.  Looking back at all the pictures they had sent there were no pictures with our Our Blessed Mother.  Sharing this with my children they too became excited for we had a statue of Our Blessed Mother that had been donated and was waiting to find a home.  As the children packed the box there was cushioning needed and beautiful handmade rosaries that had been made with love gently fit around Our Lady.  In total 160 Rosaries filled the box, sparkling with colors all around Our Lady.  Our Blessed Mother was carried to the post office via red wagon by the children.  Off she went to meet unsuspecting children on the other side of the world.  Her trip as we would find out was a speedy one and a little over a week later she found her home.  A Church named after St. Joseph would be her destination.  

Our Lady and the Rosaries
arrive at St. Joseph 
The group receiving the package last Friday immediately took the box to the Church and knelt and prayed for all those who had helped in sharing it (I include all of you who are part of the Children's Rosary as your prayers sustain and keep this operation moving and are the spiritual hands making this possible).  

Then the box was opened.  There was surprise and joy from the group to see Our Blessed Mother had come to them.  All this time she was with the children in spirit but now they could look and see their Heavenly Mother.    The words from the group leader,  "We are very grateful to you for kindness and trust." He went on to write that they are now making a plan to begin a second Children's Rosary group!!! 

The story continues and I hope to share with you over the next few days all that is happening there.  It is inspiring to see with this intensity of prayer what beautiful fruits are coming.

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