Thursday, January 23, 2014

"The Lord protects those of childlike faith" Psalm 116:6

Sacred Scripture has many places where we are told to imitate children.  To come to the Lord as a child would.  For Our Lord tells us "unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven." (Mt 18:3)

One of the children sweetly touches Our Lady's head during the Rosary
as two other children place a rose at Our Lady's Feet.
It is such a wonderful gift to be able to attend Children's Rosary.  To see first hand how children come to the Lord.  Often they may be laughing or giggling.  They are happy.  They make mistakes with their prayers.  They may be shy and need help.  They want to please.  They take delight in picking up a rose and laying at the foot of the statue of Our Lady.  They often are seen leaning over to touch Our Lady tenderly and look at her.  They love to sing as they pray.  Yes these are some of my memories of the children in prayer.  What I remember too is the faces of the adults watching the children.  Yes there is joy found in their faces.  Happiness to see a little child able to lead the Hail Mary's for the first time.  A disabled boy with Down's Syndrome able to lead an Our Father and the rest of the decade when no one thought him able to do such a thing.  Yes so many beautiful moments.  For those of you without a Children's Rosary near you please take hope and know that when you join a Children's Rosary from your home these little ones are praying for you as well.  Their little innocent prayers ushering up yours to heaven.

May you also consider beginning a group in your parish.  Mothers and Fathers of young children have reached out to begin groups but may I share others you would not expect have taken steps to begin groups.  A women home bound in a wheelchair is trying to organize a group with the help of her parish council.  A women now blind has asked the help of her adult daughter to begin a group.  Grandparents, widows, pastors there is no person excluded.  Anyone even a young person can begin a group.  If we follow the guidance of the psalm and have childlike faith and trust Our Lord we have nothing to fear. Some may say that children are far from prayer in their parishes and that many families no longer come.  This is one of the most striking reasons your parish needs a Children's Rosary.  You may find the road slow and there may be times you are alone thirsting to bring young souls to Our Lord but be assured your efforts and prayers are heard.  Such prayers that come from a soul yearning to bring little ones to the Lord is a soul that draws the Lord to itself.  For Our Lord knows what it is like to thirst for souls and yet be left alone.   With time and the grace of God the children will come.  Slowly at first but with each child there is a knowledge that the momentum which stands against us is turning and where once a head wind stood facing you now the wind is at your back.  With more children there is an awareness that comes within a parish that indeed children can pray and seeing these little ones pray a feeling in the soul that such a sight is good.  These little ones in 10 or 20 years will be young adults beginning families of their own.  As they raise their children they will remember their time praying in the Children's Rosary and then look to bring their children to join a group.  Thus prayer will become a natural part of bringing up a child as natural as bringing a child to their first hair cut.  Yes prayer has a home in the hearts of children.  May we find the strength and childlike faith to trust in this and work together to give our young child the opportunity to come together in the prayer Our Mother taught us: The Holy Rosary.

Please take this to prayer and consider starting a Children's Rosary in your parish.  Please know that there are many praying for your efforts.  Each time a Children's Rosary group meets they are praying for those trying to begin groups.

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