Friday, November 21, 2014

Children Using Their Talents to Praise the Lord

This is a very sweet picture of the first meeting of the Children's Rosary group at St. Marguerite Parish in Brookfield, Connecticut.  I particularly love the little girl in the left corner presumably holding her little brother.  Indeed children are so beautiful about stepping up when a need arrises.  Last fall a wonderful gift was given to the Children's Rosary.  Fr. Lawrence Tucker in prayer felt inspired to write a song for the Children's Rosary which he called: Rosary Children.  From the moment we heard him sing the song we knew it was a special song.  It has now become our theme song for the Children's Rosary prayer group movement.  The next question was who could help to record such a wonderful song.  A group of children stepped forward. Several of the children are in the picture above.  A few of the children had sung before but for some this would be their first time.  Little Marianne in the red sweater bottom right was just 4 years old yet she would learn the song and help in its recording.  Indeed each child was eager to help Our Lady in any way that they could.  Last year on the Feast of St. Cecilia we released the song on our website so groups could listen to it.  Later we would release two CDs which included the song.  

This evening on the eve of the Feast of St. Cecilia the patron saint of musicians many of the children that recorded the song "Rosary Children" will meet for a Children's Rosary in Brookfield, CT.  A wonderful way to remember the gift Our Lord gave us with the song and also their ongoing desire to give their love and prayers to their loving Father.

Today we have several Children's Rosary groups meeting.  Please consider joining the children in prayer.  The children always pray for those unifying prayers with them.

Friday November 21st
Children's Rosary at St. Mary's School in Orange TX 7:05 AM CT
Children's Rosary at St. Mary's School in Pontiac IL at 9AM CT 
Children's Rosary at St. Augustine Church in Iba Estate Lagos, Nigeria 1PM ET

Children's Rosary group at St. Marguerite Parish in Brookfield CT 4PM ET

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