Sunday, November 2, 2014

Praying for the Holy Souls

Image taken at:
 the Basilica of Mary Queen of the Universe
Today is the beautiful Feast of All Souls.  We were very blessed to be able to visit the Basilica of Mary Queen of the Universe in Orlando, Florida today.  It is a wonderful place.  There is a special Rosary Garden with the stations of the Cross.  In the middle is a wonderful statue of Our Lady and baby Jesus.  There is also a wonderful statue of Pope John Paul II as you enter the Rosary Garden.  The Basilica which is relatively young compared to may has so many wonderful places to pray.  They have confession offered almost all day and Adoration during the day as well.  The children and I were able to pray in the Rosary Garden and unify prayers with several of the Children's Rosary groups that met today.  We also returned later to join other groups in prayer and also say a special Rosary for the souls in Purgatory and all the family members of members of the Children's Rosary that have passed.  

Thank you all so much for all your sacrifices in helping to bring more children to prayer.  One of the intentions on our Children's Rosary intention list that is placed before the children in prayer is for the Holy Souls.  The Feast today reinforces the Catholic teaching that it is very good to pray for those who have gone before us.  We hope that all these children's prayers will help to usher a great many souls into the Kingdom.

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