Thursday, August 21, 2014

Praying for the Intercession of the Saints

Children's Rosary at St. Pius X
Today the Church honors St. Pius X. The 100th anniversary of his death was also August 20th.  In prayer today, my mind went to the little Children's Rosary we have at St. Pius X in Wolcott, Connecticut USA.  In thinking of these little children meeting in a Church named after this Saint, I was moved to ask for his special intercession for not only the group which meets in a Church named after him but for all the members of the Children's Rosary.  In a special way each new Children's Rosary group that meets in a Church named after a different Saint is like a little gift.  As people contact the Children's Rosary there is always an excitement to hear the name of where a new group will be forming.  Our wonderful Saints are such a source of help for all of us.  In so many small ways their assistance is felt throughout the movement.  We thank them this evening for all they have done to spread the Children's Rosary.  One can see a list of many of the Saints members of the Children's Rosary have prayed to in a nine day novena by clicking here.  

One of the beautiful blessings that we have seen in the children who are members of the Children's Rosary is an increased interest in learning about the Saints and through them following their beautiful example of faith.

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