Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frequently asked Questions When Starting a Children's Rosary

Okay you have decided you would like to begin a Children's Rosary...what is the next step.

We have some resources to help folks get started. There is a list of guidelines for beginning a Children's Rosary and also suggestions for your first meeting. Click here for more information.

Some Frequently asked Questions which may help those who would like to begin groups:

Can a Children's Rosary begin in a school?
Yes we have two children's Rosary groups which have already begun in schools and these have gone very well.  We have a third school meeting next week in Texas.  To read some feedback from the first meeting of the Children's Rosary at Trinity Academy click here.

Do the children have to kneel during the Children's Rosary?
Yes, I would recommend that the kneel  unless they have a physical condition preventing this.  If one looks at the apparitions of Fatima and Lourdes we see that the children knelt in prayer of the Rosary.  This clearly shows us that this is pleasing to Our Lady and Our Lord.  On a practical note we have found that when the children kneel this is a cue to them that this is a different time one which is special.  By kneeling they automatically become more attentive and seem to refrain from excess talking.  There is a reverence which seems to naturally flow from having the children kneel.  Rarely have I found a child not fall easily into the semicircle of other children kneeling.  They actually really enjoy being all together shoulder to shoulder in prayer.  A sense of togetherness with other children.  It is actually beautiful to see. 

Where should we hold our Children's Rosary? 
Most of our Children's Rosary groups meet in a Church or chapel but one could meet in another space as well such as an outside grotto or parish center.  Some of our groups exist in schools and if it is not possible to go to a Church the group could meet within the school or on the grounds.  If you have Eucharistic Adoration at your Church it would be wonderful to hold your Children's Rosary during Adoration.  Some parishes have 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration and others offer it on the First Saturday or First Friday.  These would be wonderful times to meet.
If you are meeting in a Church usually the children would gather before the altar in a semi-circle kneeling on the ground. If you have a statue of Our Lady it is nice to place Our Lady before the children.   
No matter what the location there are many blessings being poured down through the prayers of the children.  

How often should we meet? 
This requires some prayer and discernment.  One must decide if you want to meet weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.  Some groups who meet weekly feel that the children form a routine and this helps them to remember to come and it is woven into their weekly prayer life.  Other groups feel that given the number of commitments folks have these days that realistically a monthly frequency is better. Often the frequency is dictated by the availability of the space and the amount of time the person leading the group has available.

When should we meet?
This is probably the most frequently asked question that new group leaders ask.  Many of our group leaders have chosen first Saturday in honor of Our Lady.  Meetings after a Saturday morning Mass have worked well or before the evening vigil.  Others have chosen First Friday in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and chosen to meet at 4 or 5PM. Many others have chosen before or after a Sunday morning Mass.  The advantage of before Mass is the children are fresh and not tired.  The advantage of after Mass is you could offer a little snack or treat after which is not possible before Mass.  Coupling the Rosary before or after Mass is nice as you may find other adults who like to join the children for the Rosary and the children definitely like to see folks in the pews as they lead the Rosary.

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