Tuesday, October 1, 2013

An Unexpected Meeting with St Therese

Packaging boxes to be shipped
You may wonder how the Children's Rosary books get to the EWTN catalogue or your local bookstore.  They are printed at the vocational print shop at the American School for the Deaf with the help of the students that attend the school.  When the books are printed we bring them to our home which is walking distance from the school.  When an order is placed from EWTN or a bookstore, books are packaged.  Due to a disability with my hands this job of packing falls to the children.  Usually my daughter does the packing whether the box is big or small she is very good at making sure all are safely placed inside and securely taped shut.  With this disability causing instability of joints driving is no longer a possibility so the children carry the books or pull them in their red wagon to our local post office. By the grace of God we live within walking distance of the post office.  

A typical trip to the post office
by one of the children age 6
There is something special about having the children involved in every part of the Children's Rosary from making the books to packing the boxes and finally to carrying the boxes to be shipped out.  The Children's Rosary is a prayer group composed of children so Our Lady is constantly showing us how the children will  lead the way.  On one particular day several weeks ago the children and I had an unexpected meeting on our way back from the post office.  We met someone you might know.  She was laying on the side of the road discarded and rather broken...her destination the next dump pickup.  My son Kostin ran over to her side and upon finding her all dusty and dirty he picked her up and with such joy decided to take her home to reside next to his bed. It was poor St. Therese who he had found.  A very old picture of her discarded with broken glass within the frame.  There were other items such as a lamp and another old picture laying with her.  Upon finding little St. Therese we felt so blessed to rescue her from a very uncertain future by the curb.  There was something beautiful about this chance meeting of this saint laying by the curb all dirty and broken and small hands finding her and bringing her image back to a clear shine.  It is St Therese the Little Flower who so beautifully reminded us the importance of child-like simplicity and the open love that children have for their parents and their Heavenly Mother and Father.  To find St. Therese the patron of missionaries on the children's journey to ship out the Children's Rosary books to destinations ultimately known to only Our Lord was such a wonderful gift.  The saints like Our Lord love children and in a special way on the Feast of St. Therese we pray that she will intercede for the Children's Rosary and all who are helping to spread this prayer movement.


  1. What a simple and lovely witness of faith...the true story of the old picture (possibly discarded by error) and the photo of the young boy proudly holding the picture of St. Theresa...nothing is by accident. St. Theresa found a new home, and a new heart to live in, where she lives as 'love'. Grandmother in upstate NY

  2. Awesome post. We found a statue of The little flower discarded in a trash dumpster. We rescued her too. I think the timing is amazing considering this is the month we celebrate her feast day. I guess she wants to be part of the Children's Rosary. St Theresa pray for this ministry to grow and protect it with your prayers.amen.