Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Words from the Children Wednesdays

Recently we introduced a new weekly highlight on the Children's Rosary Blog: Words from the Children Wednesdays. As the Children's Rosary is a prayer movement composed of children and led by children we would like to begin highlighting some of the beautiful feedback we have been getting from the children from our different Children's Rosary groups.  

Recently I reached out to the different Children's Rosary groups and asked for their help.  The Children's Rosary had a booth at the Catholic Marketing Network(CMN) Trade Show in New Jersey USA from August 7th-9th.  It was our hope that the children could provide the voice of the movement by creating visuals and phrases to briefly describe WHY THE CHILDREN'S ROSARY IS IMPORTANT.

The pictures have been coming in by mail from all over the country.  They were all so beautiful in their own unique way it seemed like a perfect way to begin our Words From the Children Wednesdays.  More beautiful original artwork to come over the upcoming weeks.  Please if you are a child and would like to submit a picture or message see our contact information and send it in.  We will be featuring them here.

The drawing above was done by Hernán, Jr. age 13.  Hernán helped start a Children's Rosary with his family at the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi in South Windsor, CT USA.  I am told from his mother that Hernán worked very hard on this drawing and took much care in every part of it.  It is an echoing response from many of the children that they feel closer to Jesus through participation in the Children's Rosary and prayer of the Holy Rosary.  In these days when so often our children are drawn toward many earthly things it is so wonderful to see a young person drawn closer to Our Lord. This beautiful drawing also contains another element of the Children's Rosary which is so important to all of us.  These prayers of children call down from Heaven Mercy upon the whole human race.  

Hernán's mother, who originally is from Puerto Rico, has recently helped in the translation of the Children's Rosary book which will be available to order in approximately 2 weeks. 

Thank you Hernán for your inspirational drawing!
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