Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Lady Has Arrived

The children carrying the package containing Our Lady
to the post office on July 16th

We received a beautiful gift from Our Lord.  You may recall over two months ago on the Feast of Our Lady of Mt Carmel, July 16th,  the children mailed off a large package to Timor Leste.  Inside the package was a statue of Our Blessed Mother and 100 Rosaries which had been donated and many made by children.  We named the post on our blog "Our Lady is going on a Big Trip". We prayed that the angels would also help escort the package which would help start two Children's Rosary groups at Our Lady of Fatima Parish and one at St. Joseph Parish in Tiimor Leste.  However on July 24th the tracking of the package indicated that the package had stopped in Indonesia and then there was no further movement of the package.  Abel the young man waiting for the package also confirmed that the package never reached him.  For weeks we prayed that the package would move...but it didn't.  On the Feast of the Assumption, August 15th,  I hoped that maybe it might again begin to move but no it seemed to be destined to stay in a warehouse in Indonesia.  Truly only Our Lord could set it in motion again.  After 2 months a second much smaller package with 33 Rosaries was sent as the first seemed lost forever.  The second smaller package quickly made its way to Timor Leste in less than 2 weeks while the first package was still missing.  Then on Sept 21st a message came that the lost package which was sent on the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel had arrived at its destination.  Our Lady's long journey to other side of the world had finished.  The date of the arrival was the same as the children who were making the long journey by bus to Our Lady's home in the United States: the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception the largest Church in the United States.  The timing so perfect that one could not mistake such a gift to the children.  Their sacrifice and the sacrifice of so many who helped sponsor children and pray for their safe travels had been seen in Heaven and a beautiful grace given.  
Our Lady before leaving for her trip

Abel wrote to us that upon receiving the package he immediately went to the Church to have the Priest bless it and to begin finalizing the date of their first meeting of the Children’s Rosary.  We will let you know the date of their first meeting and we all look forward to seeing Our Lady surrounded by her children in prayer of the Holy Rosary!

You may enjoy reading the earlier post ...Our Lady is going on a big Trip to hear the beginning of the story. Also consider reading our post about the children's journey to the Basilica in DC on the day Our Lady finished her journey.

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