Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Children's Rosary Book Now Available To Order on EWTN Catalogue

Dear  Friends,
The Children's Rosary book as many of you may know was previously available to order through Neumann Press but upon the death of their founder Dennis McCoy the Press closed and the Children's Rosary book was temporarily unable to be ordered. After many months of prayers by all of you and the children it is with great joy that I share with you some beautiful news.  The Children's Rosary book is now being printed by the vocational students at the American School for the Deaf.   Each book passing through the hands of a young person or child.  Made with the love and tenderness that comes from an excited student learning anew how to make something precious for someone else.  The story does not end here.  The next question was how will this book would be distributed and made available to those who would like to order it.

Today the book is available to order through EWTN Catalogue!   The book is also being offered in two ways: both individually and in packs of 10 at a discounted price.
Individual book orders through EWTN in English click here
Ten pack book orders through EWTN in English click here
Individual book orders through EWTN in Spanish click here
Ten pack book orders through EWTN in Spanish click here

Children's Rosary books available to order through the EWTN Religious Catalogue in Great Britain
Individual book orders in English click here
Ten pack book orders in English click here

Full Description of the Book:

Children's Rosary A Prayer Group Movement for Children By Blythe Marie Kaufman, DMD MDS. This booklet contains all twenty mysteries of the Rosary with original illustrations for children and a special preface by Most Reverend Henry J. Mansell, Archbishop of Hartford, CT. By means of the Holy Rosary our children will be guided to safety and holiness under the protection of our Blessed Mother. This beautiful little book has a complete explanation on how to start a Children's Rosary prayer group, step by step, including guidelines and the prayers of the rosary. It is also ideally suited to be used by children in prayer of the Holy Rosary. 32 pages, pamphlet style paperback, 4" x 5.5" size

The books are also available at many bookstores and on our website.  For a list of the bookstores please click here.

Bookstores interested in ordering books for their catalogue or store should contact Blythe Kaufman at blythe.kaufman@gmail.com or by phone at 860 561 4881 for more information.

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