Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Children's Rosary at St. Thomas Apostle Unable to Meet at the Church this Morning

The children and I were hoping we could reach the Church  in West Hartford this morning for our monthly Children's Rosary however we are still snowed in.  For those of you who are not local you may not be aware that close to 3 feet of snow fell yesterday in parts of Connecticut, USA. This is a historic blizzard for our area.  We are inviting everyone to join us in prayer form their home at 9:45 AM EST. The children will be praying in a special way for the intentions of all the members of the Children's Rosary as well as Our Lady's intentions and for our priests.  May we humbly ask that if you are joining us in prayer could you also include among your intentions those I have mentioned. Thank you all and may Our Lady cover you with her Mantle of love and protection. Amen 

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