Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Triumph for Our Lady

The first meeting of the Children's Rosary at St. Peter Church in Steubenville, Ohio USA was held last Friday.  The organizer of this new group was joined by her dear friend from CT who had recently started a Children's Rosary in Waterbury, CT.   As the two mom's and their children entered the Church there were thoughts that maybe they would be the only ones there.  However,  Our Lady had other plans.  She would have a multitude of children to join them.  An unexpected 75 children came.

The first meeting of the Children's Rosary at St. Peter was begun by consecrating the group to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.  In this way Christ and His Mother would guide and protect this new group.  Their parish priest joined the group and led the consecration.

Despite the cold of winter and the sweeping flu which has affected so many,  Our Lady would find a way to bring warmth and joy back through the voices of children praying.  As the rosary was over and for some it meant the beginning of a long 8 and a half hour drive back to CT to lead a Children's Rosary the next day in Waterbury CT...there was a glorious feeling that the Rosary that day had been a real triumph for Our Lady.

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