Sunday, February 7, 2021

Box to Kenya Arrives

We have been busy sending boxes and packages out to existing Children's Rosary groups. The Children's Rosary is expanding in Sultan Hamud, Kenya. There was also a request for Child Consecration books for the groups. On January 29th we received word that the box of Consecration books and rosaries had arrived. Br. Cleophus sent the picture above. He reported that very soon they would be starting the Consecration. Enclosed in the box were 30 Consecration books and 75 rosaries. As soon as we raise enough money for shipping, we will send Br. Cleophus more rosaries. He reports in the town of Simba, where he has begun the Children's Rosary at St. Mary's Church, there are 200 children waiting for rosaries. The 75 rosaries we sent will help but we hope to send more. Thank you to all those who have sent us handmade rosaries. We also appreciate those who make donations that help us respond to these requests.

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