Friday, October 30, 2020

Early Snow


Today we woke up to a surprise. Heavy snow was falling. While not unprecedented to have snow in October in Connecticut, it is still a bit surprising. Our harvesting is far from finished in the garden but these Juliet tomatoes surely are not happy about the cold snap and fresh show weighing down their branches already laden with tomatoes (see the picture above). The harvest has been so abundant this year, we have been hard pressed to get all the tomatoes in before the cold. Asher, one of our children, has been out picking red and even the green tomatoes . . . buckets full in fact. 

We have been trying something new this year. We have netted the plants and also created a brand new enclosure to keep all the unwanted squirrels at bay. This has helped tremendously. Yards are small where we live and a whole harvest can be taken by unwanted critters. This year, the squirrels have had to find something else to eat and we have been enjoying fresh tomato salads and a special tomato strata recipe we found in my grandmothers old cookbook. This has been perfect for those tomatoes that look a bit bruised or are soft but cooked taste great. 

As the month of the Rosary comes to a close this coating of white clean fresh snow is an inspiring sight. One's heart begins to think of the coming of Advent and also Christmas. Yes, the picture below was taken today. We keep this ornament in our window all year.

Our son Kostin has been splitting wood for the fires we look forward to having as the cold weather sets in. This is also the time when we begin to think of writing our Christmas cards to family and friends. This year we have our new Children's Rosary Christmas card. Abigail who has been illustrating our Christmas cards for the past 5 years did an amazing job again. Some say it is the best one yet. To purchase a box of 25 Christmas cards visit our Children's Rosary collection at the EWTN Religious Catalogue click HERE. This year's card is shown below.

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