Friday, October 23, 2020

Meet the Illustrator

 The new book Child Consecration: To Jesus through Mary—Following in the Spirit of St. Thérèse, the Little Flower was illustrated by Abigail Ryan. Many have asked about how Abigail came to do the illustrations of the book. We would like to share the little story here.

Abigail's mother began a Children's Rosary prayer group on February 6th 2015. The group met monthly on the first Friday of each month. In May of 2016 Abigail's mother sent several pictures from their May Children's Rosary meeting. The group had begun the meeting with a May Crowing. Abigail just 7 years old at the time was selected to crown Our Lady. Abigail not yet tall enough to reach Our Lady's head, needed a step stool to place the crown of flowers on the head of Our Blessed Mother.

As the monthly prayer meetings continued Abigail and her siblings began sharing some pictures they had drawn for Christmas. The idea came to use one of the children's drawings for a Children's Rosary Christmas Card. It was Abigail's picture that was used. The following year we asked Abigail again to paint something for the Children's Rosary Christmas card. It was then at age 9 that Abigail painted a beautiful image of Mary holding the baby Jesus to be used for our Christmas card. The face of Our Lady was so tender. Many commented about the card and it was not uncommon to hear that people had kept the card to display well beyond Christmas. Like those who had received a card, I kept one in our prayer room and often prayed the Rosary looking at it. Shortly after the Child Consecration book was started, one day in looking at Abigail's Christmas card a thought came. This could be the cover of the Child Consecration book. It was perfect! The Consecration journey is to Jesus through Mary and here on the cover was Mary presenting her Son. 

Very quickly I wrote to Abigail's mother to ask permission to use the image for the cover of the Consecration book and also if Abigail would consider illustrating the Child Consecration book. Her mother wrote back that she had asked Abigail and after going away and praying she came back and said "Yes". Abigail thought Our Blessed Mother wanted her to do it. Over the course of approximately 2 years Abigail painted the illustrations present in the book. She used watercolor and ink. She began each illustration with a light pencil sketch and then added watercolor pencils and later added the water. To accent certain parts of each illustration she added ink. We are so grateful to Abigail for all her work to help Our Lady and Our Lord. Abigail stands as a beautiful witness of the hearts of children and all they can do.

To learn more about the book Child Consecration: To Jesus through Mary—Following in the Spirit of St. Thérèse, the Little Flower visit the website:

EWTN currently carries our Children's Rosary Christmas cards illustrated by Abigail. To view these cards click HERE.

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