Thursday, October 4, 2018

Leaving the Freezer into the Light of the Sun

Today is day 6 of our 9 Days of Prayer and Fasting. Through this journey we see many beautiful things happening. Earlier this week I shared a little experience. After receiving Communion on Saturday, an image or shall I say a thought came. It was of a snowball. I began to understand as I thought about this snowball that although a certain number of souls had begun the fast others could be added...much like a snowball being rolled through the snow which gets bigger and bigger. We shared a few days ago a picture of a snowball that my son had kept in our freezer since winter. In prayer this week I began to think about this little ball of snow that we took from the freezer. When we took it out it was dirty. The container it was kept in had developed a crack and then a hole. I suspect the container and its contents had fallen out of our freezer several times accidentally. When we took it out I was sad to see it had bits of dirt on the surface. I wondered how to get rid of them. As it was warm we decided to just take it outside and snap some pictures despite the dirt. We wanted to capture the snowball before it was gone. 

The picture above is of the snowball when we first came outside. If you look closely you will see the dirt. Something interesting happened as we were outside. With the bright sun shining down, not only did the snowball get smaller as it melted but the traces of dirt seemed to vanish. As my daughter took the pictures we were sad to see the snowball get smaller but we were happy to see it was clean. It had a new look to it. It seemed translucent in places and reflected in a more beautiful way... more like a crystal. 

In prayer this week as the fast has progressed I was reminded of this little snowball. In reality it was more like a hunk of ice after all these months. I began to see this hunk of ice in our freezer as my heart. A heart on ice so to speak with lots of dirt on its surface. This fast was bringing my heart out of the freezer. It was bringing to light all the flaws and imperfections. Our Lord was melting away all these things with the warmth and light of His love. 

When life is busy and the world is around you it is sometimes easier to just leave your heart on ice. It is hard to crack it open. It is hard to recognize one's blemishes. By the grace of God, a fast with prayer brings the grace to be cleansed of even our unknown faults. I humbly thank all of the souls who are joining us on this 9 days of prayer and fasting. If you haven't begun there is still time. Today during Mass a thought came. Our Lord was able to remove the dirt very quickly when the ice was brought into the sun. He can do a lot with even a small amount of time. Put great trust into the fast and Our Lord will not disappoint. To learn more about the fast click HERE.

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