Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Keeping Those in Ecuador in Our Prayers

We recently received word from our Children's Rosary group leader in Quito, Ecuador following the earthquake there:
"We are doing fine but our brothers and sisters from the west coast are very bad".  

As rescuers race to continue the search for survivors of Saturday nights earthquake may we humbly ask that those reading this post take a moment to say a Hail Mary for all those suffering in Ecuador.

The picture above is our Children's Rosary group in Quito, Ecuador. The picture was taken before Christmas.  They hold a sign which reads "Esperando Pacientemente" which means Patiently Waiting.  Indeed many in Ecuador are patiently waiting to hear about loved ones or waiting for help in this time of tragedy.  May we keep our brothers and sisters in prayer these days.

Thank you all!

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