Sunday, April 17, 2016

New Children's Rosary in Rombo, Kenya

Today we received some beautiful pictures from our new Children's Rosary group in Rombo, Kenya. This new group held their first meeting in March of 2016 at the St. Charles Lwanga Mission in Rombo.  We are very excited about the formation of this new group.  Efforts began to begin this group as early as October of 2015.  A seminarian named Br. Cleophus reached out to the Children's Rosary with hopes of beginning a group.  For months we prayed.  His initial effort was to begin a group in Mombasa, Kenya.  A small package was sent to help begin the group which included 20 Rosaries.  It took several months for Brother Cleophus to be able to obtain the package from the post office in Nairobi.  During that time, he was relocated to Rombo, Kenya.  This town is on the Tanzania border at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.  The town also sits between two Wildlife parks which do not have fences so there are many large animals in the area.  The Maasai tribe also lives in this region.  
Mount Kilimanjaro
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Brother Cleophus shared with us that Christianity is new to this area.

Good news came in March that the Children's Rosary group had formed and 100 children were attending.  He shared that the group is very strong!!  Meetings are held each Saturday at 3PM local time.  There was immediate need of more Rosaries and Children's Rosary materials with so many children attending.  Members of the Children's Rosary here in Connecticut USA set to work putting together a special package for the children in Rombo.  Two-hundred and twenty rosaries were counted and packaged along with a Children's Rosary CD, DVD and books.  We also included a donated picture of Our Lady.  The package is currently en route to Br. Cleophus and the children in Kenya.

It is difficult to receive packages in this rather remote region.  Brother Cleophus will have to travel a great distance to another region to receive the package.  There is great sacrifice but also great joy at seeing so many children coming together in prayer.  These children  join children in 12 countries around the world also meeting in their Children's Rosary prayer groups.  A special thank you to all those children and adults who handmade all the Rosaries that were sent.  We also thank those who provide donations to help meet the financial needs to send these materials and replenish our Children's Rosary books and materials. Thank you all.

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