Monday, January 11, 2016

Thank You Grandparents

Children's Rosary at St. Thomas the Apostle Church
West Hartford, CT USA 1/10/2016
This weekend brought a close to the Christmas season but it was not without some final gifts from Our Lord.  These gifts were unexpected and brought with them great joy and consolation.  The gifts began on Saturday when we met a lovely mother and her two children after daily Mass.  Her little ones were gathered around the manger looking at Jesus.  At first I thought they were children who had come to our Children's Rosary but upon getting closer I found they were a new family to me.  Quickly I introduced myself and humbly invited her two little ones to our Children's Rosary.  Initially I was thinking about our meeting for the following day at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish but I also mentioned the meeting we would be having later that day at St. Peter Claver Church in West Hartford.  To my happy surprise they were free and wanted to join us later that day for the Children's Rosary. 

At 3PM my three children and I were at St. Peter Claver Church, it seemed that settling the kids down to quiet prayer was almost mission impossible.  As we gathered in this wonderful space the Church has for praying before the tabernacle, still there seemed some rough housing amongst my kids.  Trying to regain some semblance of order we began the Rosary.  A few minutes later our new friends arrived whom we had met that morning.  The children quickly took their places kneeling with my children.  Nathan was just 6 years old and his sister was around 3 years old. Their mother also knelt on the ground.  With the new children present we started the Rosary over again.  At first little Nathan seemed shy to lead but when he was invited to lead with my daughter who was older he seemed to find the courage and took his place with Alina in front of us to lead the decade.  We quickly could see that Nathan knew his prayers very well.  Next it would be his sister's turn and we suggested they lead together.  The two were so precious together.  Their soft voices encircling our hearts and bringing smiles to our faces.  I looked over at my daughter who had been in the middle of the disruption earlier now had a big smile on her face.  Her own voice became more tender as well in the responses.  Everyone it seemed was smiling.  Something interesting also happened, little Nathan was so much enjoying leading that with each decade he asked if he could help lead.  To see this little soul so excited to lift his prayers up to God was so beautiful I am still relishing it.  As we left, I asked the mom if the children pray the Rosary each day.  She said yes!  Her parents pray the Rosary with them each night as she works evenings.  They were not there to see the children leading us in prayer so beautifully but their efforts had yielded beautiful fruits.

Our next gift was that this little family who brought such joy to our Children's Rosary Saturday was able to join us on Sunday, too.  They were joined by 8 other children.  Three of the children spoke Polish as a second language.  One of the little girls was new to the group and had wooden rosaries in her hands. I told her I liked them very much and she said her grandmother had lent them to her as she lost hers.  One of the little girls also shared with the group that her mother was expecting a baby.  We all marveled to think of this little baby at his or her first Children's Rosary.  We loved to imagine this little one being covered in the prayers of the other children.  Never too early to start attending 8-)

Sometimes it is hard to see the fruits of our efforts to bring children to prayer but this weekend Our Lord was opening a window so we could see the many graces flowing. 

Please know the children prayed for all the members of the Children's Rosary and all who were unifying prayers with us.  

In a special way may I thank Our Lord for His generosity of grace and gifts.  In addition I would like to thank grandparents for their help.  They hold an important role to help pass on the faith.  We have seen this in our own family and it was very clear this weekend as well.

Thank you to all the grandparents who run Children's Rosary prayer groups and also those that bring their children to meetings.   

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