Friday, January 16, 2015

Little Ones Helping Others From Around the World

Recently an email came from a mom and her 7 year old son.  They were interested in helping the Children's Rosary by making rosaries.  The timing was perfect as we had just sent out several boxes of rosaries to our Children's Rosary groups in Kenya at Christmas time and our supplies were low. In writing back to this lovely mom and her son, I asked where they were located and the response came as a surprise.  She wrote we are from Southeast Asia-Singapore to be specific.  

Even though we have groups sprinkled around the globe reaching all the way to Australia I am always taken aback when I receive a note from someone so far away from where we live in Connecticut USA.  Indeed Our Lady and Our Lord have a way of making the world feel very small.  

Today an email comes with pictures of the rosaries that have been made and the little man behind much of the work.  The rosaries were sent out today to the Children's Rosary. It is a beautiful thought to contemplate a child somewhere in the world meeting in a Children's Rosary prayer group holding a Rosary that was made on the other side of the world. What connects these children is a love of Our Lord and a desire to be the moving hands of Our Lady and her Son.  Whether making rosaries or using them to pray we are helping to further the Kingdom of God right here, right now.

If you would like to help the Children's Rosary by making a donation to help our work this can be done online or donations can be mailed to us.  These donations help to cover the expense of shipping materials and providing materials to Children's Rosary groups that cannot afford them around the world.  Donations can be made out to Children's Rosary Inc. and mailed to: 

Children's Rosary  
PO Box 271743 
West Hartford, CT 06127
Donations can also be made online Here.


Donations of used or new rosaries are always welcome and can be sent to the address above.  We recommend one uses packaging that cushions the Rosaries when they are mailed to avoid damage.
Thank you all so much.  As a special thank you please know that all our Children's Rosary groups pray for those who help the Children's Rosary in any way.  We also have a monthly Mass offered for members of the Children's Rosary and those that help the Children's Rosary on the 25th of the month..  Thank you all and God Bless!

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