Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Lady is Going on A Big Trip

Today Our Lady is going on a big trip to begin two Children's Rosary groups in Timor Leste, a country in South East Asia.  Her flight will be a long one as she crosses the globe with 100 Rosaries.  Her distination two parishes on the Island of Timor Leste:  Our Lady of Fatima Parish and St. Joseph Parish.  Many of the rosaries she is traveling with have been made by children and all have been gathered by members of the Children's Rosary with the prayer that children will find a love of Our Lady and her Son through prayer of the Rosary.  

100 Rosaries, many made by children
 ready to be sent to 2 new Children's Rosary groups in East Timor
Over the past two years over 780 Novenas have been said to different saints asking that the Children's Rosary would be the extended hands of Our Lady and her Son and gather a great many souls for Our Lord especially young people.  Today on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel the fruits of so many prayers can be seen.  Our Lady is setting out to bring more of her children to her Son.  

Several weeks ago an inquiry came from a young man from Timor Leste hoping to start a Children's Rosary group.  He is a man of great faith with a Biblical name: Abel.  As we began to correspond he shared his strong devotion to Our Lady and commitment to sharing this love with young people. At first he was considering beginning a Children's Rosary in one parish but then wrote and said he was starting groups in two parishes two hours a part by bus.  He began signing children up for the Children's Rosary and found he had close to 100 children interested in participating. It was beautiful to see this young man named after a shepherd from the Bible gathering so many "sheep" for the Lord.

Whenever possible, if a new group is in need of rosaries the Children's Rosary tries to help and so our network of members went into action to make and gather enough rosaries for these two new groups.  Abel then wrote to us with another request.  Could we send a statue of Our Lady.  While this at first seemed impossible I could not shake the feeling that Our Lady would show us a way.  Today on the Feast of Mount Carmel she provided a perfect statue.  Our pastor at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in West Hartford offered one of our statues of Our Lady for the group.  It was hollow and relatively light which was perfect for the shipping.  

Through each step of this project children have been in the center.  The Children's Rosary is a prayer movement composed of children and lead by children. Today both Asher, age 6 and Kostin age 9 helped carry our Lady to the post office.  Despite the 95 degree heat they were all smiles.  Happy to share Our Lady with more children and help form two new Children's Rosary groups. 

Thank you Blessed Mother for your unfailing love and assistance.

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  1. Thank You, Lord, I am waiting you in Love and unity of prayer. Oh My dear and Our Lady Your Love so perfect love from you we receive many blessing that You always obey to God "Jo. 2:5 " Do whatever He tells you" God we always to follow you and obey to You my Dear and Our Dear Lord Christ Forever and Ever, Alfa and Omega.
    Mum I thank you, mum from Asher and Kostin their hand to carry Our Lady to big trip to Timor Leste may the Lord and Our lady blessed them in unity of prayer. God Bless. Abel Belo