Friday, July 19, 2013

A Request from Kenya: Keep Praying for Us

The Children's Rosary in Nairobi, Kenya had their second meeting on Saturday July 13th.  Once again there were a great many children who attended.  Far more in fact then they had rosaries which resulted in them including most of the older children with hopes in the future to include the smaller children who also wanted to come.  

The group leader Antonine wrote to us that she began the Children's Rosary this month with one hymn for Our Lady sung in Kiswahili the language they mostly use.

She also wrote that she and the children are praying for all the different Children's Rosary groups and humbly asked that we keep praying for them as well.  

Antonine is hopeful that she can purchase more rosaries herself but the need is so large with so many beautiful children who would like to learn and pray the rosary together. If anyone would like to donate rosaries for this group we will be compiling a package for them.  

Please send Rosaries to:
Children's Rosary
c/o Blythe Kaufman
146 Four Mile Rd
West Hartford CT 06107 USA

Thank you all and God Bless!

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