Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blessed Mother Mary of the Children's Rosary

Blessed Mother Mary of the Children's Rosary
One year ago today on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary one of the children from the Children's Rosary presented Mary with a gift.   She brought a picture she had drawn of Our Lady and layed it in front of the altar before the prayer of the Rosary.

The picture was initially drawn earlier in the year.  Alina age eleven was trying to draw some pictures to be considered for an art enrichment program at school.  I remember the night she came down with the drawing. She said before picking up the pencil she prayed to Mary to help her with the drawing.  When I saw the image it touched my heart.  It was a picture of the Blessed Mother but in so many ways she looked like a child.   It seemed a perfect way for a child to envision Our Lady innocent like a child and yet loving like a mother.  The picture was submitted along with several others for consideration for the enrichment program and inclusion in an art show.  However, they were not selected to be included in the art show and they did not qualify her for entry into the art enrichment program.  Yet there was a feeling that this image was special.

On December 8th 2011, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, we gave this picture to Our Blessed Mother. We hoped it would bring her joy.  One year later the Children's Rosary book was complete and was sent to the publisher for publication.  The book contains this picture of Our Lady on the inside back cover. 

When the drawing was presented to Our Lady as a gift on her Feast the idea of the Children's Rosary book had not even been conceived.  Yet one short year later, a Children's Rosary book with this drawing inside of Our Blessed Mother was completed.  The book contents, image and name of the image were all approved by the Archbishop of Hartford for publication.

We are grateful to Our Lady for accepting this picture and continuing to bless the Children's Rosary and all its members.  

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